Candidate 2021: Cassie D. Snyder, ACP

Cassie_Snyder_NALA copy.jpeg 
Candidate for At Large Director: Cassie D. Snyder, ACP

Question: What are three values you think you demonstrate as a leader? Take each trait and explain how that value would add benefit to your service on the NALA Board.

Candidate Response: 
The three values I demonstrate as a leader are passion, integrity and dedication.

My passion for the legal field led me to become involved in the leadership of the Central Florida Paralegal Association, Inc. By getting involved and networking with so many other paralegals it has only increased my passion for the legal field. I believe that my passion would benefit my service on the NALA Board to help fulfill its mission and to perform the duties of At Large Director to the best of my ability. 

Integrity is one of the most important values anyone can possess. I am trustworthy, honest, dependable and can be counted on in any commitment I take on. I believe that this would benefit me in my service on the NALA Board because it is so important to have a team you can trust and depend on to adequately fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position or office they are holding. 

Dedication is another value I possess. Being dedicated to something is easy when you love what you do. I believe this would benefit my service on the NALA Board as it takes a dedicated and responsible person to fulfill a two-year commitment.