Candidate 2021: Desire Danielle Smith, ACP

Candidate for At Large Director: Desire Danielle Smith, ACP

Question: What are three values you think you demonstrate as a leader? Take each trait and explain how that value would add benefit to your service on the NALA Board.

Candidate Response: 
1) Nonconformist. I am sure that many would not consider a person who refuses to conform to be a leadership trait but a nonconformist is not one who simply refuses to conform based on principle. They refuse to conform without proof, information, or research. The internet is quite possibly the best place for an individual to go to find proofs of whatever they are in search of. Research studies operate to the benefit of proving a specific theory as opposed to proposed theories being tested. The dictionary finds that a nonconformist is a person whose behavior or views do not conform to prevailing ideas or practices. I can promise that as a board member, I will not assume the status quo. 

2) Inquisitive. A leader should be inquisitive, meaning unafraid to ask questions. I have been present for commission and board of education meetings wherein I personally knew members of each. One of the most common things I took away from both was that often members walked away or passively dismissed an idea simply because there were questions they had that were unanswered. Questions are not from a place of absence of information, but rather as service to supplement information they already have. I do not fear the lack of knowledge. I will embrace the opportunity to learn. 

3) Receptive. A good leader is a fresh sponge; able to take on water and scrub away germs. To be able to appreciate the differing views of others, a leader must be receptive to the differing opinions in order to make decisions with sound and reasoned judgment. I will not shut the door to possibilities and will instead remain open to opinions, ideas, and opportunity.