Candidate 2021: Peonca S. Grier, CP

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Candidate for the office of Treasurer: Peonca S. Grier, CP

Candidate Question: What are three values you think you demonstrate as a leader? Take each trait and explain how that value would add benefit to your service on the NALA Board.

Candidate Response: 
Three of the values that I feel I demonstrate as a leader are integrity, service, and commitment.  Integrity requires honesty and at times selflessness. Integrity allows a leader to look at the bigger picture and do their best to make ethical decisions. I will use integrity as a NALA board member to build trust and make decisions that are mindful of our organization’s members, staff and volunteers.

As a leader, I feel that my commitment to service has been integral in building relationships. My commitment to the NALA board allows me to be mindful and understand that sometimes working hard without recognition is necessary for success. Again, this mindset will allow my decisions to be selfless and focus on what is best for our organization, its staff and the volunteers.  

As a NALA board member, my continued commitment to NALA would be evident. I am committed in everything I do and being on the NALA board would not be any different. I am committed to working with the team to create and reach NALA’s short- and long-term goals. As a committed board member, I would always work to help further the vision of NALA.