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Continuing Education

NALA has produced continuing education materials for paralegals for over 30 years. From the release of the first NALA Manual for Legal Assistants in the 70's, to today's web-based Advanced Paralegal Certification programs, NALA is dedicated to providing the best in CLE for all paralegals. 

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NALA Campus is THE place for details about NALA on-line programs. Click the image to visit NALA Campus. 

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NALA Campus

News & Upcoming Events
Certified Paralegal Program Receives National Accreditation

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) has accredited the NALA Certified Paralegal certification program for a five year period, expiring April 30, 2019 ...

Paralegal CLE App for iPad and Androids Now Available

NALA Advanced Paralegal Certification courses, and NALA Campus self-study programs are now available from the Apple Store and Google Play! Paralegals may now purchase or login to courses in which they are currently enrolled through this app. The app features a free course preview for each of the 32 programs, and access to course pre-tests for CP Exam prep courses!

New Advanced Certification Course - Child Custody

A new Advanced Paralegal Certification (APC) course in Family Law – Child Custody, Support and Visitation is now available to paralegals seeking advanced certification in this specialty practice area ...

Certifying Board Releases Job Analysis Report

The report is used by the Certifying Board to validate and update the Certified Paralegal exam as needed and ensure NALA has current information about the roles and responsibilities of paralegals.

Need a product or service for your office?

The NALA Vendor Directory is a terrific place to start. This is a list of legal vendors offering a great range of help including deposition services, document services, and investigations. Click the link below...

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Online Education
NALA offers a variety of continuing education. NALA Campus and NALA Campus LIVE! use the power of the internet to offer continuing legal education seminars for paralegals and legal assistants nationwide. These seminars may be used: 

  • For general continuing education
  • To prepare for the Certified Paralegal Examination
  • To support in-house training programs for law firms and corporations
  • By Certified Paralegals to meet educational requirements to maintain the CP credential
  • To supplement formal, classroom instruction
NALA Advanced Paralegal Certification courses and NALA Campus self study programs are now available for tablets in Google Play.

Click the icon below to learn more!

NALA Campus Self-Study 

The self-study courses offer top quality education -- affordable continuing education on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week, education on your schedule, at your convenience. To date, over 11,000 have registered on this site - join them in learning more about this innovative program for continuing legal education.

To learn more about the NALA Campus Self-Study Courses, click here. If you would like to take a course pre-test and have not registered on NALA Campus, click here to register and login.  Course pre-tests and descriptions may be found under Available Courses. If you have already created a user account, click here to login.


Courses on NALA Campus LIVE! range from on-line versions of Membership Exchange and Affiliated Associations Presentations, to the popular “Practice Tips” and  Certified Paralegal Exam review programs. All follow rigorous standards already established by the NALA Campus courses, and will provide CLE credit to both presenters and participants for all NALA’s legal education programs.

The dynamic environment of the interactive NALA Campus LIVE! process is particularly conducive to courses or subjects that merit timely review, and for discussion of new laws or recent changes in the law. The sessions may last from 50 minutes to two hours.  Courses are offered during two sessions each year -- February - May and August - November.  Some NALA Campus LIVE! programs are archived and may be purchased for personal use. The recordings are in MP3 format and handout material is included in the purchase.

The courses and course descriptions may be found on the NALA Campus LIVE! website - Fall 2015 Schedule

Advanced Paralegal Certification Courses

NALA offers over 20 advanced courses for paralegals who work exclusively in certain practice areas, or are interested in learning more about a practice area. These programs are written for experienced paralegals. Those who have the Certified Paralegal credential may qualify for an Advanced Paralegal Certification (ACP) credential upon completion of a course. For more details, click here.