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LIVE! Intellectual Property
Registration fees are $80 per course for NALA members, and $105 for non-members. Fees vary for courses presented in two parts.

The audio portion of the presentation is conducted via telephone conference call. This is a toll free call.

For groups, more than one participant per site, is $80 for one NALA member or $105 for one non-member registrant plus $45 for each additional person. Participants must register in order to receive Certificates of Attendance and CLE credit. Registrations of groups are handled through NALA Headquarters. Contact Mariah Williams at

CLE credit toward maintenance of the CP credential is available for completion of NALA Campus LIVE! programs. The maximum credit available is two hours per course.

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Copyright and Trademarks in the Age of the World Wide Web
Bobby T. Rimas
Friday, October 9, 2015
1:30 - 3 pm Central Time
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Conference ID – 4045

As we all know, the world wide web has changed how most do business and communicate, and intellectual property law is no exception.  This course will cover how legal teams today deal with copyright and trademark registrations, infringements, the internet, and how they often intersect within the legal landscape.  This course will also include tips for properly completing trademark and copyright searches and registrations, derivative works, domains, the importance of trademark classes, the dynamics of social media, and how certain legal team practices can work to your advantage.
Mr. Bobby T. Rimas is a Paralegal specializing in intellectual property, employment, and immigration matters for a bank in Pasadena, California. Mr. Rimas is also a part-time Associate Professor at California State University, Los Angeles, College of Professional and Global Education where he currently teaches an Intellectual Property Law course.  He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at West Los Angeles College within the Business Division.  Subjects taught include Introduction to Law & the Legal Profession, Legal Writing, Immigration Law, Introduction to Civil Litigation, and Legal Research.
Additionally, Mr. Rimas is the President of the Los Angeles Paralegal Association (LAPA) where he served as the 2014 LAPA Pro Bono & Community Services Chair and LAPA President from 2011 through 2013.  He also served LAPA in the capacities of NALA Liaison, October Conference Chair, and Holiday Benefit Gala Co-Chair. In January 2009, he and the LAPA Holiday Benefit Gala Committee were recognized by a California Senator for their leadership and volunteerism. In April 2010, Mr. Rimas was given a certificate of "Congressional Recognition" from a U.S. Congressman for his role in raising scholarship monies in the capacity of Fundraising Director for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Pilipino Alumni Association.
As part of LAPA's 40th Anniversary celebration in December 2012, Mr. Rimas obtained a resolution from Los Angeles City Hall which recognized LAPA for its outstanding service and dedication to advance the paralegal profession and for raising funds for organizations that assist the underprivileged. In July 2013, he was awarded the NALA Affiliated Association Award.  In July 2014, he co-presented NALA’s Intellectual Property Law Institute at NALA’s July 2014 Convention in Charleston, South Carolina. Mr. Rimas is on the Advisory Boards of the University of La Verne's Legal Studies Department and West Los Angeles College's Paralegal Studies Program. His Bachelor's Degree is from UCLA and his Paralegal Certificate in Litigation/Corporations is from the UCLA Extension Attorney Assistant Training Program.
Matthew P. Warenzak, Attorney
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Noon - 1:30 pm Central Time
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Conference ID – 4026

This course will be directed to the various forms of protection over the internet, and it addressing the following issues:
  • A general review of the different types of intellectual property protection.
    • Patents
    • Trademarks
    • Copyrights
    • Trade Secrets
    • Domain names
  • How the internet helps establish and protect intellectual property rights.
  • How intellectual property rights are infringed on the internet.
  • What companies should do to proactively protect intellectual property rights.
  • The changes that are happening with the internet, and how to handle expansion of domain names.
By the end of this course, participants should be aware of the various intellectual property issues that their clients face via the internet and be able to help identify potential issues for their clients to address to practively protect their intellectual property and avoid infringement of others’ intellectual property.

Mr. Warenzak specializes in patent prosecution, patent litigation, trademarks, and has also worked on matters of copyright law, trade secrets, and licensing agreements. He also has experience litigating all forms of intellectual property matters, including patent, copyright, trademark, and licensing issues. Mr. Warenzak has successfully represented and assisted clients of various sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100, with patent matters across a wide range of fields, including telecommunications, finance, banking, internet applications, medical devices, lighting, textiles, merchandising displays, and watercraft.
Mr. Warenzak’ s representation of clients includes a wide variety of general patent matters, including enforcing clients' patent rights, prosecuting applications to obtain patents, and providing counsel in patent portfolio management. In addition, Mr. Warenzak assists clients with obtaining and maintaining clients’ trademarks.  He has also counseled clients on several specific copyright issues, including the sovereign immunity implications of suing state entities in federal court for copyright infringement and copyright's fair use defense.
Mr. Warenzak is admitted to practice before the Georgia Supreme Court, the Northern District of Georgia, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. He is also admitted to practice before the United States Patent Office.
Mr. Warenzak is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, and its Intellectual Property section, the Atlanta IP Inn of Courts, and the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). In addition to his full-time legal practice, Mr. Warenzak is an Adjunct Professor of patent law at the University of Georgia School of Law. Mr. Warenzak is the Vice President of the Board of Directors for Out-of-Hand Theater, an Atlanta-based international theater company. He is also an active participant with Grant Park Baseball, and a supporter of the local arts.
Mr. Warenzak received his B.S. degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with highest honors, from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2002. While at Georgia Tech, Mr. Warenzak was a Presidential Scholar and a Georgia Tech Ambassador. Mr. Warenzak received his J.D. from the University of Georgia's School of Law in 2006, where he was the Managing Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law. Prior to enrolling at the University of Georgia, Mr. Warenzak worked for Caterpillar.
Peter Gutenberg, MS, JD
Tuesday, October 6, 2015
3 - 5 pm Central Time
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Conference ID – 4041

A patent is a government granted right which allows an inventor to stop others from making, using, selling, offering for sale, and importing into the U.S., an invention for a limited time, in exchange for disclosing the invention.
Paralegals are often tasked with client intake, maintaining the patent docketing system and filing documents with the US Patent Office. Therefore, it is important for the paralegal to understand how a patent is different from other forms of intellectual property, such as trademark, copyright and trade secret; what is patentable and what is not; the different types of patents; the terminology associated with patenting and most importantly the timelines associated with the US patent system.
Peter Gutenberg, M.S., J.D., is the owner of the Law Office of Peter Gutenberg in San Diego, CA and a registered U.S. patent attorney. His background includes more than eight years of research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. His legal expertise includes the drafting and prosecution of U.S. patents and trademarks; preparation and review of licensing agreements; and supporting patent litigation. In addition, he provides food & drug regulatory consulting services. He holds a J.D. from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, an M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Florida and B.S. degrees in Biochemistry and Microbiology from Michigan State University. 
Trademark Prosecution
Deborah Hampton
Thursday, September 10, 2015
Noon – 2 pm Central Time
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Conference ID – 4021
Preparing a trademark application is easy; making it acceptable to the Examining Attorney and getting a Notice of Publication can be extremely difficult. Please attend this session to learn all of the tips and tricks to prosecute your trademark application smoothly through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Are you tired of drafting responses to Office Actions, having to do yet another amendment to the identification of goods? Confused by the whole trademark prosecution process? This course will provide you with many of the tools necessary to successfully register your trademarks and shorten the time period to getting the coveted trademark registration symbol ®
Deborah A. Hampton began her career as a Paralegal in 1983 at a small firm in New York City and this year celebrates her 32nd year in the  Intellectual Property field. Ms. Hampton’s specialty is managing trademark, patent, trade dress and copyright portfolios. She has extensive experience on the policies and practices of the U.S. Trademark Office relating to prosecuting applications and post-registration maintenance. She also has a complete and thorough knowledge of international statutes and policies and practices required to successfully register and protect intellectual property globally.

Ms. Hampton is very active with the International Trademark Association and has served on a number of committees since 1990. She is currently on the Young Practitioners Committee and she was the Co-Chair for the 2014 INTA Trademark Administrators and Practitioners  Conference.  She recently completed a stint as a committee member on the Search Selection Committee to select the new CEO of the International Trademark Association.  Finally, Ms. Hampton was recently reappointed to a second term on the USPTO Trademark Public Advisory Committee.