Copyright Law in a Digital World: A Basic Guide for Paralegals

Copyright Law in a Digital World: A Basic Guide for Paralegals

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$39 for Members and $59 for Nonmembers
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Monday, April 16, 2018 - 1:00pm
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Do you know anyone who is not posting content on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media site?  Do you know any company that doesn’t have a website?  In today's digital world, most content is hosted on a website or app and is usually viewed on your mobile device.  Whether you are the person posting the content or you work at the company hosting it on a website, you are affected by copyright law.

Geared toward paralegals who do not work in the intellectual property area, this webinar will introduce paralegals to copyright law basics, with a focus on the additional nuances of copyright law on the internet. The session will first outline the general rules of copyright law in the U.S. Then it will cover online protections afforded by the copyright laws for websites including how User-Generated Content (UGC) is treated under the law.  The session will also touch on the copyright laws affecting content licensing, embedding, linking, and fair use. Finally, the discussion will turn from the current copyright landscape to what the future holds for digital copyright law.

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