Intermediate Level Courses

An intermediate level is most beneficial for the professional with detailed knowledge in the subject area.


Now that you are familiar with the history and basic evidence that we used in Dram Shop litigation, plan to join the Part 2 webinar to learn more about the experts and science that proves these cases as well as the factors that affect the final damages number.  David Lail is an experienced dram shop attorney.  He will guide attendees through gathering the evidence necessary to prove or defend a dram shop case.  Part 2 in this series focuses on advanced content including industry experts, scientific experts, and how to make sure those experts have the evidence to form their opinions.  Attend

The effective use of time is critical to being a successful paralegal and is a "must" if you want to stand out from the crowd.  Learn tips and strategies to keep you focused and on-task, all the while maintaining a positive attitude as well as your sanity!

This on-demand webinar focuses on the law and the ethical issues that arise when laws provide a certain outcome that may not be fair, ethical or necessarily the “right thing.” 

Mr. Bermingham analyzes and debates some key Constitutional and State Court Cases that deal with ethical issues outside of the law. The on-demand webinar will include discussion of the Attorney/Client Privilege, 4th Amendment’s Search and Seizure, 5th Amendment’s Due Process, 8th Amendment’s Cruel and Unusual Punishment, 1st Amendment’s Right to Free Speech, and the Right to Privacy.

In this on-demand webinar, we will discuss drafting considerations for the modern family. Drug usage, failed careers, second marriages, and children who “still live at home” are part of the modern family.  How does one draft to avoid unintended consequences when these circumstances arise? How does one draft efficiently without a crystal ball into the future? We will talk about how to avoid fiduciary disputes that often result from these circumstances. Every document we draft will eventually be administered and affect people in their everyday lives.

This on-demand webinar will explore the ways in which legal concepts are categorized. These categories both help to understand the law and inform how the law is made, written, and researched. By focusing on several major distinctions or classifications, attendees will gain working knowledge of how major legal concepts fit into a larger legal landscape. 

By the end of the course, attendees should be able to:

The primary objective in this presentation is to provide an overview of products and completed operations liability exposures, who is most likely to have the exposure and how these claims are resolved. Our secondary objective is to demonstrate how these exposures are dealt with by insurance and other measures.  

This course will provide information on the manufacture, sales, and distribution of counterfeit trademarked goods and other intellectual property crimes.  The impact this issue has on the economy worldwide and lost jobs in the United States.  An overview of how state laws and federal codes impact investigations and prosecution, both positively and negatively.  What is happening now and what we see in the future in protecting intellectual property rights.

This session explores current events, recent trends, and interesting decisions in the area of sports marketing and litigation.  Issues discussed in the course will involve updates concerning the DeFlategate litigation between the National Football League and New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady, the NFLPA union’s involvement in the same.

This session examines the day-to-day legal considerations and decisions of a practicing NFL agent, from recruiting to signing players and through an NFL player’s career.  Follow along as each legal aspect of an NFL player’s rookie season is examined, including many aspects that are never fully detailed in the mainstream media.  Examples of such daily legal challenges include negotiating the Standard Representation Agreement, rookie endorsement deals, potential liability on and off the football field, and negotiation of the NFL player contract.

This session will cover a broad range of real estate transactions including elements of financing documents for commercial properties, deeds of trust, assignments of leases and rents, subordination agreements, and financing statements. It also covers title insurance policies for buyer and lender, analyzing the title commitment and exception documents, along with the available protections/coverages in each case.

The discussion will entail the provisions important to buyers, sellers, and lenders and why, in loan documents.