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Continuing Education

NALA has produced continuing education materials for paralegals for over 30 years. From the release of the first NALA Manual for Legal Assistants in the 70's, to today's web-based Advanced Paralegal Certification programs, NALA is dedicated to providing the best in CLE for all paralegals. 

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NALA Campus is THE place for details about NALA on-line programs. Click the image to visit NALA Campus. 

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Two new books have been added to the NALA bookstore!
One on using computers in the law office and the other on electronic legal research. Check it out!
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NALA Campus

News & Upcoming Events
Paralegal CLE App for iPad and Androids Now Available

NALA Advanced Paralegal Certification courses, and NALA Campus self-study programs are now available from the Apple Store and Google Play! Paralegals may now purchase or login to courses in which they are currently enrolled through this app. The app features a free course preview for each of the 32 programs, and access to course pre-tests for CP Exam prep courses!

Real Estate-Principles Released

The NALA Advanced Paralegal Certification Board has released the much anticipated Real Estate Principles course! Real Estate Principles is now available online . . .

New Advanced Certification Course - Child Custody

A new Advanced Paralegal Certification (APC) course in Family Law – Child Custody, Support and Visitation is now available to paralegals seeking advanced certification in this specialty practice area ...

Limited Practice Rule for Nonlawyers Approved June 15

June 15, 2012 Washington Supreme Court Order #25700-A-1005 Consistent with GR 25 (the Supreme Court rule establishing the Practice of Law Board), the rule establishes a framework for the licensing and regulation of non-attorneys to engage in discrete activities that currently fall within the definition of the "practice of law" (as defined by GR 24) and which are currently subject to exclusive regulation and oversight by this Court. The rule itself authorizes no one to practice. It simply establishes the regulatory framework for the consideration of proposals to allow non-attorneys to practice.

Need a product or service for your office?

The NALA Vendor Directory is a terrific place to start. This is a list of legal vendors offering a great range of help including deposition services, document services, and investigations. Click the link below...

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Quick Guide to NALA CLE Courses and Subjects
The following is a list of the NALA publications, web based and live CLE programs. This list includes the spring 2014 NALA Campus LIVE! programs, and subjects of recent issues of Facts & Findings. Courses suitable for preparation for Certified Paralegal Exam Preparation are indicated with an (*).  This is simply a list. Links to more detailed information, including costs, registration information, and course descriptions are included with each category.
Use this guide to find information about a program on a specific topic, to plan a study program for the Certified Paralegal examination, or to monitor offerings of the Advanced Paralegal Certification program. Use your browser (CTL + F on Internet Explorer) to search for specific topics.

NALA Advanced Paralegal Certification courses and NALA Campus self study programs are now available for tablets in the Apple Store, and in Google Play.

Click the icons below to learn more!

NALA Campus LIVE! Programs (Web based, real-time seminars)

Live web-based seminars; 1-2 hours in length. Some subjects are taught in multiple sessions. Handout material included. Spring 2014 Session Dates: February 3, 2014 - May 16, 2014.

To read more about cost, course descriptions and times for upcoming programs in spring 2014 schedule
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • *Basic Business Organizations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Working through Article 9

Criminal Law

Practice Area and Career Skills
  • *American Legal System
  • Art and Science of Witness Interviews
  • Courtroom Technology
  • Deciphering the Medical Record
  • Essential Spanish for Paralegals
  • Improving Case Management with LPM
  • iPad for Paralegals
  • *Judgment and Legal Analysis
  • Legal Teamwork
  • Legal Writing
  • PowerPoint 2013
  • Social Media Outlets
  • Time Management
  • Using Paralegals as Jury Consultants
  • Whose Cloud is it Anyway
  • *Written Communications
  • Employment Eligibility Verification: The Importance of Form I-9
  • USERRA Rights and Requirements
Environmental Law
  • Clean Water Act
Estate Planning/Administration
  • Applicable Exclusion Amount to Offset Federal Gift and Estate Taxes
  • Estates and Probate
  • Advanced Ethics
  • *Basic Ethics
  • Ethics and Movies
  • Ethics and Technology
  • Techno-ethics
Family Law
  • Family Law: Learning How not to do it like the Celebrities
  • QDROs
  • Dealing with Foreign Nationals
  • H-1B Petitions       
Intellectual Property
  • IP: What every Paralegal Should Know
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Trademark Prosecution
Legal Research 
  • *Blue Book Review of Citing
  • *Legal Research
  • *Civil Litigation
  • Digital Evidence 
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Evidence
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Trial Notebooks
Public Finance

Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate 
  • Property 101: Mine, Yours, and Ours?
Section 529 Plans

Social Security Representation
  • How to Legally Represent Claimants in Social Security Disability Appeals
  • Social Security Represenation 2.0-Advanced Procedures and Forms
State and Federal Administrative Law
NALA Campus LIVE! Programs (Recordings)

NALA Campus LIVE! Recording (Date of recording shown).  Recordings available for sale (MP3 format, download). Handout material included.

 for course descriptions and details.
Administrative Law (11/26/12)

Advances in Courtroom Technology (9/17/12)

Amendments to Federal Rules Change Methods of Calculating Deadlines (12/1/09)

*American Legal System: Part 1 (10/6/09)
*American Legal System: Part 2 (10/8/09)

*Basic Business Organizations (9/11/12)

*Civil Litigation: Part I (8/20/09)
*Civil Litigation: Part II (8/24/09)
*Civil Litigation: Part III (8/26/09)

Deciphering the Medical Record (11/3/12)

e-Discovery: A Practitioner's Law (12/6/12)

Effective Communication Skills (4/26/07)

Elder Law (9/24/12)
Elder Law Intermediate (8/20/09)

Environmental Law (10/29/12)
Estate Planning Part 1 Generation Skipping Transfers (10/7/09)
Estate Planning Part 2 Applicable Exclusion Amount to Offset Federal Gift Taxes
and Federal Estate Taxes; Annual Exclusions and Marital Education (10/21/09)

Evidence-Advanced (9/29/09)
Evidence-Basic (9/15/09) 
Evidence-Intermediate (9/22/12)
Family Law: QDROs (11/9/12)

HIPAA Privacy (11/1/07)

Intellectual Property Law (919/12)

Interviewing Witnesses (10/10/07)
*Judgment & Legal Analysis (11/9/07)
*Legal Research (9/9/07)
*Legal Research: Blue Book Review of Citing (11/2/07)

Legal Writing (10/1/12) 

Mergers and Acquisitions (116/12)
Paperless Office (10/19/07)

Patent Prosecution (1017/12)
Power Up Your PowerPoint (10/25/07)
Real Estate: Closings (10/17/07)
Real Estate: Commercial Leases (12/1/12) 
Real Estate: Deeds (11/17/12)
Real Estate: Evictions (11/3/12)
Real Estate: Legal Descriptions (9/9/09)
Real Estate: Title Searches (10/20/12)

Technoethics: Ethical Challenges with New Technologies (9/6/12) 
*Written Communications (10/12/07)

NALA Campus Self Study Programs (Web based, 24/7 programs)

NALA Campus Self Study Programs (offered 24/7). Web-based self study programs. Includes practice tests. Registrants complete at their own pace but it usually takes 10 hours.  CLE credit available to Certified Paralegals upon completion of a NALA Campus Course is 10 hours.

 For course descriptions and registration details. 

Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution
*American Legal System
*Civil Litigation
*Contract Law
*Judgment and Legal Analysis

*Legal Ethics
*Legal Research
Non Business Bankruptcy
Real Estate
*Written Communications

Advanced Paralegal Certification Programs (Web Based, 24/7 programs)

24/7 web-based advanced programs written by professional writers under direction of the Advanced Paralegal Certification board composed of advanced certified paralegals, attorneys and paralegal employers. These courses are for those seeking advanced instruction in the subject as well as Certified Paralegals seeking advanced certification in specific practice areas. Certification is national, not state based. 

Registrants complete the course material at their own pace but it usually takes 20 hours per course. CLE credit is available to Certified Paralegals upon completion of an APC course is 20 hours; 10 hours for the smaller personal injury practice area courses.

 For course descriptions and registration details.  Each course has its own page on the menu bar under Certification/Advanced Paralegal Certification.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Business Organizations: Incorporated Entities
  • Business Organizations: Noncorporate Entities
  • Commercial Bankruptcy
  • Contracts Management/Contracts Administration
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Discovery
  • Family Law-Child Custody, Child Support and Visitation
  • Family Law - Division of Property and Spousal Support
  • Real Estate - Land Use
  • Real Estate - Principles
  • Social Security Disability
  • Trademarks
  • Trial Practice
  • Personal Injury - Core Course
Overview course, prerequisite for any Personal Injury certification;
may be taken as advanced review of principles of personal injury
  • Personal Injury - 8 Practice Area Courses supplements to
    the Core Course
Automobile Accidents 
Entity Medical Liability
Individual Medical Liability
Intentional Torts
Premises Liability
Product Liability
Workers' Compensation
Wrongful Death

 Summer Institutes (Live, on-site classroom-type workshops)

Advanced instruction in a classroom-like setting. Programs are everyday, Wednesday-Friday, July 23-25, 2014 mornings. 10-15 hours of indepth instruction. The 2014 location is Charleston, South Carolina. The Institutes are offered in conjunction with the NALA Annual Meeting of Members.

 For course descriptions and registration details as they become available

Corporate Law
Elder Law
*Essential Skills Exam preparation program offering classes on:

  • Legal Research
  • Judgment and Legal Analysis
  • Written Communications
Intellectual Property Law
Trial Preparation

 Publications & Periodicals

Facts & Findings
NALA publishes a bi-monthly magazine for paralegals. The focus of the magazine is providing articles of educational benefit for paralegals. NALA members may search the Facts & Findings archives for articles about certain subjects or by certain authors through NALA Net. 

 Click for details about Facts & Findings including subscription information.
 Click to search Facts & Findings archives.
In addition, NALA publishes two books through Cengage Publishers,
and cooperates in the publication of the Certified Paralegal Review Manual.
Publications available through NALA are also listed here

Click to read descriptions of NALA publications and for order information
Issues and Themes:
Technology - Nov
Immigration - Sept 
Estate Planning - July 
Corporate - May 
Tort Law - March 
Career Chronicle - Jan
Facts & Findings is now available:

Government Admin Law- Nov
Family Law - Sept
Bankruptcy - July 
Employment - May 
Intellectual Property - March 
Career Chronicle - Jan 

These books are published by DELMAR Cengage Learning. 
*NALA Manual for Paralegals  
*Certified Paralegal Mock Examination and Study Guide
*Certified Paralegal Examination Review Manual 
Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution 
Electronic Legal Research 
Real Estate Law Review Manual 
Social Security Disability and the Legal Professional