NALA Member Recognition


NALA is built upon the support of our incredible members! Their enthusiasm and dedication to the paralegal profession is the reason NALA has been successful for so many years. Each member of NALA is important to us and we are proud to recognize them. If you want to share your story with us please email!

NALA Member Spotlights:

John A. Hopkins, CP

Member Since: 2009

Position: Paralegal who specializes in Labor & Employment Law, and Litigation
Corporation: Sonic Corp. & Subsidiaries
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Q&A with John:
1. Are your a NALA CP? Yes, I received my certification in 2009.
2. Benefits gained after certification? I think as the ABA has indicated; the CP credential demonstrates a high level of professional achievement.
3. What did you never think you would be doing? Working at the corporate office for Sonic Drive-In. I work with a great group of attorneys and paralegals who are hardworking and dedicated to the Sonic brand.
4. What do you do to relax (and why)? I enjoy learning about American history. I think history gives us a sense of perspective and proportion on how people in the past dealt with the challenges of their time. I think if we do not truly know history then we foreclose the possibility of learning from it.  I recently completed my goal of visiting all 14 Presidential libraries and museums.
TGraves_Spotlight copy.png
Tarra L. Graves

Member Since: 2018

Position: Securities & Charities Registrations Analyst
Firm: Georgia Secretary of State's Office
Location: Atlanta, CA

Q&A with Tarra:
1. Are your a NALA CP? I am not currently a Certified Paralegal but will be sitting for the exam in 2019.
2. What did you never think you would be doing? I never thought I would be working in Securities and Charities. Truth is, I knew very little about either area of law before I became a Registration Analyst, but every day I am presented a new challenge and with it the opportunity to learn something new. The knowledge and experience I have gained is truly immeasurable.
3. What do you do to relax (and why)? I enjoy dancing, listening to music, and swimming laps; gets my mind off the worries of the day.
Tammy copy.png
Tammy H. Wuertley, ACP

Member Since: 2010

Position: Securities & Charities Registrations Analyst
Firm: Williams, Porter, Day & Neville, P.C.
Location: Casper, WY

Q&A with Tammy:
1. Are your a NALA CP? I earned my CP in 2011, and my ACP in personal injury/automobile accidents a year later. I am studying the Dissolution of Case Management advanced certification course, hoping to earn my ACP designation in family law.
2. Benefits gained after certification? The firm I work at right now requires paralegals to be certified; otherwise, I would not be in my current position. One benefit I have gained personally is a better knowledge and understanding of what is required of a competent paralegal, and it has helped me become a better asset to my employer. Since there is a shortage of experienced paralegals in our state, I feel I have the experience and knowledge to basically go anywhere.
3. What did you never think you would be doing? I never thought I would be living and working in the State of Wyoming. I moved here from Michigan about 12 years ago, after much begging and pleading from my sister who lived here but who now lives in Las Vegas. Moving to Wyoming proved to be a good choice for me, as I have a great career, met and married my husband, made many new friends, and am making a pretty good life for myself here in the Cowboy State. I live on a small ranchette with my husband, our dogs, cat, and chickens. Something this city girl also thought she would never be doing.
4. What do you do to relax (and why)? I have a walking buddy. We try to walk at least three times a week. In addition to walking, it is also our time to vent to each other about work, life, our stresses, and our everyday struggles. I like to have “me” time, whether it be getting my nails done, a massage, a long bike ride, taking a yoga class or just going shopping. Sometimes I just like to sit on my back porch, enjoy a glass of wine or two, and watch the antelope, deer and other wildlife. I also love to travel to different states and experience all of the cultures right here in the USA.
5. Why did you choose a legal career? Many years ago, when I was a freshman in high school, we had Career Day and my class visited a law firm. Back then, there were not too many female attorneys. All of the male students met with the attorneys, while the female students spent the day with the legal secretaries. I told my Dad that I wanted to work in a law firm. His response: “Make sure you are a secretary for a good lawyer – you will probably make lots of money.” So, following his advice, I went to business college shortly after high school and discovered the paralegal profession. Sometimes I wonder if I could do it all over again, if I would have gone to law school to become an attorney. I am a behind the scenes type of person, so I think the paralegal profession is a good choice for me.