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In this issue . . .  
September/October 2015 
Elder Law


September/October 2015
Elder Law

Volume XLII, Issue 1

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By Jillian L. Sherman, ACP  
By Shari A. Strosser, ACP 
By Kristin D. Arnett, Esq.
By Norman E. (Gene) Richards, Atty. 
By Lynn B. Aust, Esq.
By Shannon Q. Holy, MSN, BSN, RN, LNCC

Shaping Seniors' Lifestyles
By Mary Merrell Bailey, Attorney, CPA, MBA

 The Paralegal's Role in An Elder Law Practice
By Ida Farhat, ACP, and Norman (Gene) Reynolds, Atty.
Communication Corner 
By Virginia Koerselman Newman, Atty.
From the Editor
By Nancy Jordahl, ACP
President’s Message
By Kelly A. LaGrave, ACP 

Breaking News
Greta is Stepping In!
By Debra Overstreet, ACP

Ethics Tips
How Do We Make Ethical Decisions?
By Narinda Greene, ACP

Quick Tips for More Effecient Calendaring
By Richelle McFate

Practice Tips
Silence is Golden
By Amy H. Johnson, Paralegal

Professional Development
Why LEAP? Change Begins with You
By Kristine M. Custodio, ACP

Education Tips
Ways to Win Big in Your Paralegal Career
By Toya J. Walker, Paralegal

NALA Affiliate Advantages
By Jill I. Francisco, ACP

Affiliates Column
Adaptability is Key
By Debby Sawyer, ACP

Special Convention Section