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NOTE:  This form is for use by current NALA members to provide updated information. If you would like to submit an application for NALA members, click here for new membership information.

*If this is an address or name change, complete the form below with the correct information.   Please provide us with your former address by using the Comments/Messages field at the end of this form.

**Please read the information below the form regarding membership  fees, and important notices.  You will need to refer to your dues bill to complete the payment information.


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Membership Dues Schedule

Classification Dues Amount
Active Membership $140
Associate Membership $115
Student Membership $50
2 years
Sustaining Membership $115
Reinstatement Fee
(A late fee for renewals submitted 90 days after membership expiration date.)

Method of

Please contact NALA Headquarters or use the Comments/Messages field below if you have a question about your membership classification.

Check enclosed or mail to NALA Headquarters, 7666 E. 61st St., #315
Tulsa, OK 74133
Credit Card (To submit payment on-line via a secured website, click the "submit" button below.)  For credit card payments, please list the credit card holder's name,  including employers or businesses:

*Payments submitted 90 days after expiration date must be accompanied by a $15 reinstatement fee.

Important Information

Annual dues payment includes $35 for a subscription to FACTS & FINDINGS

A portion of membership dues is not deductible as ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent that NALA engages in lobbying at a level of expenditure over a statutory minimum.  The nondeductible portion of NALA dues for the calendar year is 0%.

Contributions or gifts to NALA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.   However, payments may qualify as ordinary and necessary business expense.

Comments & Messages

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