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NALA membership is a terrific way to stay in touch with paralegals from throughout the United States. With communications, there is also leadership, and volunteer opportunities. Read more about these programs in this section of the web site.

NALA Membership Newsletters ... Archive issues now available!
The e-newsletter is sent to members' preferred e-mail address, however, many newsletters are blocked by servers because they are considerd spam. It is not a guarantee that all members receive this information. Former issues are available from the link below.  Check this often to be sure you are current with NALA news!

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Registered Agent Service

 Click for photo. LEAP Classes 2014 honored at the Charleston NALA Convention.

NALA active members may participate in LEAP, the association's Leadership Enhancement and Preparation program. Introduced in 2007, LEAP is a terrific way for affiliated association members and NALA members to learn more about volunteer leadership and organizations.

 Use this link to update your membership data, including new address or contact information and to renew your NALA dues.

Communications with fellow members, referring to former issues of Facts & Findings, checking on state ethical opinions and cases are all important ingredients to membership in NALA and your professional life. NALA Net offers each of these references.

Click to request your NALA Net user name and password.

The NALA Annual Membership Meeting is the one time that members gather to participate in terrific educational programs, as well as association business meetings. 

Each year, NALA publishes an Annual Report, summarizing the association's work for the year, and a snapshot of the association's financial standing. The report is distributed to NALA members at the July Annual Meeting and posted on the NALA web site.  

Click here to read the 2014 Annual Report of NALA.

News & Upcoming Events
Certified Paralegal Program Receives National Accreditation

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) has accredited the NALA Certified Paralegal certification program for a five year period, expiring April 30, 2019 ...

Paralegal CLE App for iPad and Androids Now Available

NALA Advanced Paralegal Certification courses, and NALA Campus self-study programs are now available from the Apple Store and Google Play! Paralegals may now purchase or login to courses in which they are currently enrolled through this app. The app features a free course preview for each of the 32 programs, and access to course pre-tests for CP Exam prep courses!

New Advanced Certification Course - Child Custody

A new Advanced Paralegal Certification (APC) course in Family Law – Child Custody, Support and Visitation is now available to paralegals seeking advanced certification in this specialty practice area ...

Certifying Board Releases Job Analysis Report

The report is used by the Certifying Board to validate and update the Certified Paralegal exam as needed and ensure NALA has current information about the roles and responsibilities of paralegals.

Need a product or service for your office?

The NALA Vendor Directory is a terrific place to start. This is a list of legal vendors offering a great range of help including deposition services, document services, and investigations. Click the link below...

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2014 Annual Meeting News
NALA 39th Annual Membership Meeting and Summer Institutes

for use on lap tops and other devices
July 23-25, 2014
Charleston  Marriott
Charleston, South Carolina

Click for pictures of the 2014 annual meeting ...
(this is a large pdf file ... download may take a few minutes)
NALA Board Members Elected

The following NALA members were elected to the NALA Board of Directors. They are listed with their candidate information.
First Vice President
Cassandra Oliver, ACP

Second Vice President
Jill I. Francisco, ACP

Melissa J. Hamilton, ACP

Debra L. Overstreet, ACP
Region 1 Director
Elisse Stern, ACP

Region 5 Director
Cheryl J. Nodarse, ACP

Region 6 Director
Melissa M. Klimpel, ACP

Region 7 Director
A. Teresa  E. Phillips, ACP

Region 9 Director
Mary L. Theroux, ACP

2014 NALA Annual Report
Now Available
A review of NALA's accomplishments in 2013-14 including a summary of the auditor's report of the year ending April 30, 2014, board action, certification board action and committee reports.
Click the picture to
download your copy.
2014 NALA Award Recipients Announced!
Join NALA in honoring the accomplishments of these special members!

NALA Founders Award

NALA President's Award
NALA Honorary Membership Award
National Affiliated Achievement Award
Affiliated Associations Outstanding Contribution Award
Affiliate Awards
NALA 25 Year Members
Amendments to NALA Bylaws Approved by the NALA Membership

The NALA Board of Directors recommended for adoption by the membership amendments to the NALA Bylaws related to the structure of the Board of Directors. During the past year, a committee of the NALA Board of Directors has been reviewing NALA’s governance structure.  The parameters for this review and possible changes include cost savings and the continued ability of the Board of Directors to address the needs of the organization quickly and decisively. The committee studied the question of reducing the size of the board while maintaining a high level of service committed to guiding NALA in pursuit of its mission.  The report of the committee concluded that it would be possible to reduce the number of members of the board of directors over a multi-year transition period. 

The NALA Board of Directors determined that one cost-saving step may be taken immediately. That step is to combine the two vice president positions into one.

The following bylaw amendments were approved by the NALA members at the 2014 meeting. This amendment will become effective for the elections in July 2016.

Article IV – Directors
New Language:
B-(4.6) Election and Tenure of Officers.
B-(4.6) The directors shall hold an election for the office of president at a regular meeting to be held prior to the annual meeting of the membership. The president must be elected from the membership of the directors in accordance with the procedure set forth in the procedures and policies of the Corporation. The president shall serve from the first Board of Directors meeting following the annual meeting of the members through the annual meeting of the members of the next ensuing fiscal year. Officers of the Corporation shall be elected by the membership of this Corporation for one (1) year terms or until their successors are duly elected and qualified. Such term of office, including the term of President, begins with the first Board of Directors meeting following the annual meeting of the membership.  Beginning with the annual meeting held in 2018, no member shall hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms.

Article VI - Officers
New Language:

6.1 Officers. The officers of the Corporation shall consist of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

Article VI - Officers
New Language:

6.5 Vice President. The vice president shall exercise the functions of the president in the absence or disability of the president and, when so acting, shall have all of the powers and authority of the president. The vice president shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the directors or the president.

Article VI - Officers
Strike Article VI.6.6  in its entirety.